How to Be an Eco-Friendly Coffee Lover

Oftentimes, creating your coffee brew at home is too time-consuming. That is why a lot of people prefer to go to a local café and buy a to-go cup with a plastic straw. Whenever they’re finished drinking their coffee, they’ll immediately throw away the empty cup and straw into the nearest trash can.  

Unfortunately, this habit is not environmentally friendly. That is why you should avoid doing this every day. If you still want to drink coffee while being green, there are a couple of things you can do.  

From buying coffee bags in bulk to using a reusable mug, here are some tips on how to be an eco-friendly coffee lover: 

Only Brew What You’ll Drink 

You’ve just gone to all this work to get the toughest, tastiest, most environmentally-friendly coffee beans you can find. Don’t throw them away! Consider one-cup brewers or iced coffee the next day with the leftovers. Coffee ice cubes are the most common way to ensure that coffee does not go to waste! 

Purchase Coffee Bags in Bulk 

Purchasing in bulk reduces packaging. If you buy from a local coffee shop, they will be happy to fill your container so you don’t have to waste the bag. If you don’t want to buy in bulk, the largest bags you can find will help you save money on packing.  

Coffee enthusiasts would claim that buying coffee more frequently ensures the best beans. However, with a few simple recommendations on how to keep your coffee for maximum freshness, you’ll be fine! 

Save Energy 

Utilizing mugs instead of throwaway goods when brewing coffee at home may help to reduce waste. However, be sure that all of your electronic coffee machines are turned off. Even when they aren’t in use, they use electricity from the power source.  

Try making your coffee in a Moka pot or a French press if you want greater control over your brew rather than relying on your coffee machine. 

Use Coffee Grounds in Your Compost 

Many coffee shops, believe it or not, sell their old grounds to locals rather than throwing them. Coffee grinds are ideal for community gardens since they are high in nutrients. Most cafés will bag up their used grinds for distribution, but if yours doesn’t, ask your barista! 

Purchase a Travel Mug 

While most coffee drinkers ignore these since they’re difficult to clean and unpleasant to look at, if you’re trying to be more “green,” you should probably acquire one. It will be easier to use a mug that you are proud of if you invest in one.  

Nowadays, there are tons of reusable mugs that you can use to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature all day. What’s the best part? When you’re on the run, many cafés will happily pour your daily dose into your reusable mug. 

This will help you avoid using those plastic cups and straws that you usually get when you purchase coffee that your local café. With this, you can guarantee that you’re saving mother earth.  

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